2019-2020 Fall GEC198 Mid-Term Make-Up EXAM

2019-2020 Fall GEC198 Mid-Term Make-Up EXAM

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2019-2020 Fall GEC198  Mid-Term Make-Up EXAM 

20.02.2020  between 17:00-20:00

*The mid-term make-up exam will be held online and will be accessible in this section.

*Before attempting the exam, ensure that there is a stable internet connection and your device is fit for taking an online exam.  You won't be able to access the exam twice!

*The exam will only take place between the times mentioned above.  It will not be accessible after 20:00. 

*The answers should be submitted within the duration of the exam. Once the time is over,the system will automatically finish the exam.  Please bu sure that you submit your answers before the given time ends.

*On the exam day, please follow the instructions given for taking the exam.  Any issues caused due to the failure to follow the instructions will not be handled by the examiners.

***Mid-term make-up exam is only for the students who couldn't take the mid-term exam. If students who attended the mid-term exam attempt to take the make-up exam, their grades will be cancelled.